Charters & Policies

The Metlifecare Board has five formally constituted committees, each with a charter setting out its role, delegated responsibilities, authorities and accountability.

Board of Directors

Kim Ellis Chair & Independent Director
Christopher Aiken Independent Director
Kevin Baker Non-executive Director
Alistair Ryan Independent Director
William Smales Non-executive Director
Carolyn Steele Non-executive Director
Dr Noeline Whitehead Independent Director

View Board Charter Here

Audit & Risk Committee

Alistair Ryan Chair
Kevin Baker
Kim Ellis

View Audit & Risk Committee Charter Here

Acquisition & Development Committee

Christopher Aiken Chair
Kim Ellis
William Smales
Carolyn Steele

View Acquisition & Development Committee Charter Here

Care & Safety Committee

William Smales Chair
Dr Noeline Whitehead
Carolyn Steele

View Care Committee Charter Here

View Occupational Health & Safety Committee Charter Here

Care and Safety Committee Charter currently being finalised

Nominations & Corporate Governance Committee

Kim Ellis Chair
Christopher Aiken
Kevin Baker
Alistair Ryan
William Smales
Carolyn Steele
Dr Noeline Whitehead

View Nominations & Corporate Governance Committee Charter Here

Remuneration Committee

Kevin Baker Chair (Nominee)
Kim Ellis
Alistair Ryan

View Remuneration Committee Charter Here

Metlifecare Constitution

The Constitution was adopted by the shareholders at the Annual Meeting held on 1 November 2007. An updated Constitution incorporating provisions of the ASX Listing Rules was voted on and adopted by shareholders at the Annual Meeting on 24 October 2013. Further updates to the Constitution, primarily to align it with legislative changes, were adopted by shareholders at the Annual Meeting on 27 October 2015.

View Metlifecare Constitution Here


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