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Metlifecare owns and operates retirement villages across NZ in both the North and South Island. We have more than 2000 suppliers which operate both at a local regional level as well as nationally. We recognise that our suppliers play an important role in helping Metlifecare deliver services to our residents, so we want to make it easy to for you to work with us.

This page provides some guidance on what steps are required to become a new supplier with Metlifecare. We are also open about what we need from you as a supplier. We do this by sharing important documents such as our supplier Code of Conduct, and our standard T&C’s we expect all our supplier to adhere to as a minimum. Whenever we update these terms, they are reflected on this page.

How to become a Supplier for Metlifecare

To open a Supplier Account with Metlifecare, you must accept our standard Terms and conditions including policies we require to enable us to deliver our services successfully.

You will need to register your interest as a supplier at the below link. Once this is complete, one of our team will review the information and if you are successful, we will send you a sperate link to finalise your details. This process sets you up on our internal system so that you can receive Purchase Orders and enables Metlifecare to process Invoices.

Please note: If you are a new supplier and simply registering your interest, this process can take a while until we have a business need that fits with what you may be able to offer. However, if you are completing this at the request of a Metlifecare representative, then it usually only take a few days.

Health and Safety

If you are required to visit or be ‘on-site’ at one of our locations to deliver your services or to perform any building, refurbishment, specialized and high-risk work, you will be required to undergo a Health and Safety prequalification and supply all the supporting documentation for approval beforehand.

This will include completing and sending the H&S contractor assessment form and all supporting documents to H& for approval. All prequalification’s will be assessed and approved by our Health and Safety Advisor.

Once approved, your organisation will be entered on to our Contractor Management Portal, MRI OnLocation. All the members of your organisation that you intend to visit any Metlifecare Village and/or office, will need to complete an online induction before being permitted entry. Please liaise with your Metlifecare representative, i.e., Project Manager to organise this.

Metlifecare H&S contract form

Expression of interest to become a supplier at Metlifecare

Complete Form

This form will take you to our online form which enables you to officially register your interest in becoming a supplier at Metlifecare. Please note, completion of this form does not make you a supplier, it is simply registering your interest. Once it has been reviewed by one of our team, if you are successful there will be additional steps required to finalise your registration on our systems.


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