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08 January 2024

Handmade quilts by Greenwich Gardens residents

What was once a plain white hallway, is now a vibrant gallery of resident art.

The Greenwich Gardens art wall was created as a space to share and showcase the artistic talent of all residents, and over time it has expanded considerably!

Now a thriving hub of resident artwork that changes month to month, resident, Yvonne Elliott has been coordinating a variety of work to be hung including paintings, drawings, photography and needlework, with more extraordinary displays on the way.

“There is a treasure trove of art created here at Greenwich Gardens. It’s great to have a platform to share and appreciate the work”, says Yvonne.

A recent display of more than 30 quilts proved incredibly popular with many residents and visitors taking the time to admire their intricate detail.

Crafted by a group of seven talented residents, the quilts ranged from small squares to double bed size. Unbelievably, some quilts had been sitting untouched in boxes for many years!

Village Manager, Heather Himiona said it’s wonderful to see residents sharing their talents with the rest of the village community.

“It’s wonderful to see the variety of art going up on the wall and it always adds to the atmosphere here at the village. The residents here really are a talented bunch!”, says Heather.

The talented residents who created the quilts
The Greenwich Gardens art wall - quilt exhibition

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