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A real sweetie

22 December 2023

John with his favourite chocolate in the village store

At the heart of Metlifecare St Andrew's Village in Cambridge is a delightfully popular convenience store that the residents and visitors love. Packed with everything you could need, from pineapple lumps and chocolate bickies and household essentials, there’s one resident who knows it especially well.

John Campbell, a village store regular, and well known for his sweet tooth, has been visiting the village store since it first opened in 2017.

“It’s fantastic, there’s a great range of goodies. I’m a real fan of the chocolate section and I hear they’re adding to the range – more for me to choose from!”

Though most of the time he can’t resist his tried-and-true favourite, Whittaker’s rum and raisin.

Over the years the store has evolved from being a white walled room with shelves stocking the usual bits and pieces to being the colourful, quirky spot it is today.

With one wall decorated in nostalgic food and drink labels, many residents find joy in recognising some of their favourite childhood snacks and seeing how some have changed over the years.

Village Manager, Rachael Hall says it’s always a talking point when people come into the village.

“It’s quite an eye-catching store, you see it as soon as you walk in, so people are always intrigued when they come visit”, she says.

A well-loved and used store, it’s no surprise demand is always high with everything the store has on offer.

“It’s very popular with residents. With gift cards from a local artist and plenty of sweet treats, it’s wonderful to have such a convenient store on site for our residents and their families.”

Metlifecare St Andrew's Village store

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