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Jumping for joy

13 June 2023

Tricia Sexton ready to jump off the Sky Tower

When asked how she would like to celebrate a milestone birthday, it wasn’t jewellery or flowers Tricia Sexton was after.

After scaling the Auckland Harbour Bridge a couple of years prior, the thrill of the adventure got the Longford Park resident’s adrenaline pumping.

“I’ve definitely become more adventurous as I’ve gotten older. I make an effort to push myself out of my comfort zone, go new places, and try things that I would never have done before,” says Tricia.

As her 70th birthday loomed, Tricia knew exactly how she wanted to spend her special day.

“I think my husband was hoping for a nice dinner out! But I had been wanting to do the SkyJump from the Sky Tower for a while, so I thought what better time than now.”

Standing on the edge of New Zealand’s highest building at 192m, Tricia said she has never felt calmer.

“You’d think I’d be nervous but really, I couldn’t wait to jump! It was all over and done within 11 seconds. I was a bit wobbly on my feet at the bottom, but I just wanted to get back up and do it again.”

With her family waiting for her at the bottom, Tricia wrapped up her birthday celebrations with champagne and a relaxing night at SkyCity.

“Now I’m thinking ahead to next year… I’ve always wanted to try skydiving.”

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