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Pets of Edgewater

19 September 2023

(L-R) Pam with Mitsy and Alexis with Coco

From pampered pooches to spoilt cats, for most people they’re more than just pets, they’re family.

On the outside Maltese poodle terrier, Mitsy and Tortie cat Coco Chanel, may not have a lot in common, but if you dig a little deeper both pets are living their best lives at Auckland’s Edgewater Village with their adoring owners.

Alexis Vining moved into the village at the end of 2022, and it was the cherry on top being able to bring her cat Coco Chanel into her new apartment.

“It was a dealbreaker for me. If Coco couldn’t come, then neither would I”, says Alexis.

“She’s my shadow, she follows me everywhere and we’ve always had so much fun together. So, I was thrilled when I found out she could move here with me.”

Sun lover Coco has made her mark and claimed her favourite spot out on the deck.

“She loves basking in the sun while watching the school children go past, laughing and playing music. We’re on the first floor so she’s got the perfect view.”

For fellow pet lovers, Pam and Steve Hannken life in the cul-de-sac at Edgewater is a lot more fun with their furry companion, Mitsy.

“She’s small but mighty and has a tonne of personality”, says Pam.

“There are a few pets here in the cul-de-sac and Mitsy loves running around outside. Once, she approached the neighbour’s cat as she thought they were playing games – but the cat went flying! That was the beginning and the end of that friendship.”

But for Pam and Steve one of the benefits of having Mitsy is the ability to meet new people and make friends of their own.

“We walk her around the village every night and often stop to chat with people. We enjoy it just as much as she does, it’s a great way to get to know other residents. Plus, quite a few people leave out treats and Mitsy will love anyone with a treat or two!”

“For us, having Mitsy and the other pets here, definitely makes it feel like home.”

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