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Revving up: Residents transform garage into recycling hub

31 March 2023

Every Friday from 10am – 12pm the doors open to Hibiscus Coast Villages’ recycling garage. Here, residents can recycle used and unwanted computers, electronics, wiring and metal goods.

Not stopping there, the garage doubles as a thriving swap meet where residents can donate and exchange goods ranging from lamps and hair dryers, to heaters, vacuums, small items of furniture and knick-knacks.

Run and operated by the Hibiscus Coast Village sustainability group, the recycling hub has had a huge uptake amongst residents since it opened last year.

“On the first day we opened the garage, we had a line waiting to get in the door!” says Chair of the sustainability group, Cary Hogwood.

Since then, the initiative has seen the village reduce their environmental footprint and give back to the community.

“Prior to the garage, I would see so many recyclable items going to landfill. It was wasteful and I knew we could do better.

“We now work with a number of organisations who collect, recycle and repurpose our items responsibly.

Unwanted electronic equipment, for example, is repurposed and used to build laptops for low decile schools. And other items that take a little longer to move we pass onto local charities.”

Aside from the practical, the garage also has its share of weird and wonderful items come through its doors.

“Currently we have a well-loved desktop drumkit, an inflatable camping tent and snorkelling equipment sitting on our shelves. Just because it isn’t usable to someone anymore, doesn’t mean it won’t pique someone else’s interest. That’s the case with a lot of items that come through here.”

With the recycling and swap meet garage now a valued part of village life, the sustainability group are turning their attention to other projects.

“We’re always looking at what’s next, what can we do better, and how can we improve the environment around us. Watch this space.”

Sustainability group members, John and Elaine

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