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The Power of Pets

11 June 2022

Royston Brown and Neil Wadams

Power of Pets

The bond between people and animals has evolved significantly over time. What once began as a relationship based on service and protection, has turned into one of companionship and love.

Research shows there are many health and wellbeing benefits to owning pets too. Pets can ease loneliness, help establish a daily routine, and even help us socialise with others.

Pōhutukawa Landing residents Royston Brown and Neil Wadams couldn’t imagine their lives without their beloved pooch. So much so, that bringing their French Bulldog Bostoux with them to their new village residence was, quite simply, a deal breaker!

“We were living in the Beachlands area at the time, and we kept seeing advertising for Pōhutukawa Landing featuring pets. When we found out we could bring our dog, we were sold,” says Royston.

Not being able to bring a pet, or being allowed to replace them, was something the couple weren't prepared to face.

“We wouldn’t be here otherwise. Pets are part of the family.”

Having owned a farm together in Mangatāwhiri and later a lifestyle block in Tamahere, animals have always been a big part of the couple’s lives.

“They are such great companions, especially as you get older. They get you out and about because they expect their walk, even when you don’t feel like it, they’re waiting at the door.”

“When I used to visit my dad in his later years, we would always take one of our dogs, and his face would light up. They bring so much joy.”

“They’re great for socialising too. We take Bostoux down to the marina every day, and we meet so many new people. Everyone wants to stop and talk to you when you have a dog.”

With Neil still working part-time, Royston says Bostoux provides great company when he’s home on his own.

“She’s a lovely little dog, she’s always making me laugh. She doesn’t answer back or complain about music choice either!”

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