Works for Me

08 October 2022

Alice Oborn

Works for Me

When Alice Oborn took up the role of tour guide at Metlifecare’s ‘The Poynton’ seven years ago, she had no idea she would one day call the vibrant village home.

While showing people around the retirement village, located on Auckland’s North Shore, Alice realised the dream she was selling to prospective residents, was the life she wanted to live too.

“People often confuse retirement villages with old fashioned rest homes. They’re not like that at all.

“I would show couples around The Poynton and the men would drag their feet in protest.

“But after seeing the spacious apartments, the pool and bowling green… it was a different story!”

It’s these same amenities and the carefree lifestyle that sold Alice on village life too. After battling constant and costly maintenance, she traded in her tired villa for a two-bedroom apartment 14 months ago. She hasn’t looked back.

“I’ve made a lovely group of friends here. We meet for dinner, drinks, and go to the movies together. I’ve even taken part in a fashion show and joined the pétanque team. Something I never had time for before.”

A woman true to her word, Alice says it’s been wonderful to experience village life from both sides of the fence.

“As a resident, I can hand on heart say it is everything I said it was. Which is a relief. You never know until you experience it first-hand, but I wouldn’t be anywhere else now.

“I joke that I was probably one of the youngest when I moved in, and I plan to stay the longest!”

Alice has travelled extensively, volunteers, and is an active member of her local and village communities. Retirement living hasn’t put a handbrake on her career either.

Running her business ‘Animal Aunts’, a specialised animal and home care service, keeps her busy. And with the borders open, business is booming.

Employing only seniors, it’s an opportunity for retirees to travel somewhere new and enjoy the companionship of pets.

“Animals have so much love to give. If I can share that with people who may be on their own, or who don’t get out as much, then that’s a very special thing.”

The role also offers all the benefits of pet ownership, without the commitment.

“It’s like having grandkids. You get all the lovely warm cuddles and affection, and none of the tantrums!”

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