100kms in 30 days? No worries!

When Bayswater Village resident Dawn Bowman first read about the ‘100kms in 30 days challenge’ in the local paper, she had no idea she would hit her goal out of the park.

The 100kms in 30 days event, which is run by Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust, was something Dawn signed up to on a whim.

“I made the rash decision without giving it a lot of thought! But it’s a wonderful cause, and it was just the motivation I needed to do some exercise.”

Taking up the challenge in May, Dawn said as the days went by and her support network grew, her competitive streak spurred her on.

“My family said, ‘I think you might do 175kms by the end of the month’. And I thought, I’m going to try for 200kms!”

Dawn completed a staggering 201kms in 30 days and raised an impressive $1,120 for Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga (where people who have had breast cancer offer practical and emotional support to those going through it).

“I’m absolutely chuffed with the result, and pleased I finished the challenge.

“I am sure one of the main reasons I was so successful was due to the wonderful weather we had in May…. Had it been June, the result could have been quite different!”

Dawn Bowman

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